Hey There!

I'm a passionate multidisciplinary designer with a knack for branding. I currently attend Temple University's Tyler School of Art in pursuit of an MFA in Graphic and Interactive Design. Here, I plan to build a niche in Interactive and Social Design as well as open the door to potential opportunities in Design Education.
Branding is so much more than a logo. It's everything you, me and the public thinks and feels about your product or service. It digs deep into the heart of your organization, identifies what makes it special, and communicates that message to the masses. This message creates a memorable experience that sets you apart from your competition.
I believe in forming true, "Brand Partnerships" that address the following...
What is your brand language and how does it play out across multiple channels? What needs to be produced or elevated to best communicate your brand message and effectively drive revenue?
Visual Communication
How is your brand visually represented? What imprint does the look and feel leave in your customers' minds?
Design Foresight + Expansion
How can new or refined visual communications continuously evolve to engage customers and keep brands exciting and fresh?
I have a strong desire to learn and grow as a designer and content developer. I aspire to help manage innovative, human-centered brands with potential to inspire social change. I want to help build inter-institutional approaches that effectively educate and influence. I value environments that encourage holistic thinking and believe that content is equally if not more important than design. When I'm not designing, I enjoy engaging in local and global excursions, pondering sociopolitical issues, reading, hiking, drinking copious amounts of tea and surrendering the moment to yoga.
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