This activity guide divides into 5 sections that help participants gradually intersect with one another through enriching activities. Designed to foster a sense of collective respect and understanding, it contains built-in space for reflection. 
The Activity Sheet envelope contains various activity sheets, as well as postcards with inspiring quotes by relevant figures. Students are encouraged to send and share postcards with friends and family who aren't part of the retreat. 
This toolkit was designed to be kept, referenced and shared throughout both the student and facilitators lifetime. It’s flexible and reusable nature helps reduce printing costs and unnecessary duplicates. Each book is divided into 5 useful categories including Essential Terminology, Essential Figures, Collection of Case Studies, Recommended Media, and Contacts. 
Project was created as a student in Temple University's Tyler School of Art Graphic and Interactive Design MFA program

Additional Credits: Art Direction - Kelly Holohan
Content inspired by: Teaching for Social Justice and the Social Justice Toolkit (both education industry standards). 
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