Complete brand system including 4 color-coded sub-brands. System also includes distinguishing icons, mandalas, textures, and fonts.
PristineHydro Water Revival Products. Pictured are glass bottles with branded sleeves, stick-on labels for both sampler bottles and Electrolyte Balance, and branded Countertop Revival Systems. 
Brochure for PristineHydro Water Revival outlining the process as well as the available products.
PristineHydro Water Revival responsive landing page. Shown in both desktop and mobile format.
Pristine Partners affiliate program e-blast targeting existing affiliates. Branded to fit PristineLiving (the entire brand umbrella).
PristineNutrition Shilajit stick-on labels and product crest. Designed to fit existing brand aesthetic while infusing an eastern vibe to suite the products' Ayurvedic nature. 
All assets were presented to and utilized by Pristine Total Health + Wellness while working at Album Agency
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