The Collection at Riverpark

Shea Properties' new entertainment complex The Collection wanted a way to showcase its range of semi-upscale retail properties before its official opening. In response, a simple, yet elegant icon palette was created to communicate The Collection's multi-faceted offerings. It was applied across a pitch book of the property, basic brand materials and environmental graphics.

A pitch book was designed to attract semi high-end businesses to set-up shop within The Collection.
Poster and directional signage visible throughout The Collection complex.
A directory was visible throughout The Collection property.
Additional environmental graphics included parking lot banners, a hanging sign outside of the complex office, and patterned walkway dividers.
A primary and secondary color guide was created for The Collection brand.
Printed materials included business cards, promotional buttons and gift cards.
Project brochure was presented to and utilized online by Shea Properties while working at Jovenville
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