Surf City USA Shuttle

Visit Huntington Beach needed an identity and shuttle wrap that would bring visibility and personality to the brand. They aspired to attract a family-focused audience through a nostalgic aesthetic reflecting the city's key attractions. Campaign pieces were content-heavy with detailed information about the shuttle stops. In order to accommodate this content while remaining clear and communicative, a supporting pattern was created. This pattern featured icons based on city attractions. A Style Guide was provided to keep assets consistent across all shuttle promotions.

Conceptual shuttle wrap featuring an all-around pattern and mounted surfboard with the message "Complimentary."
A promotional poster featuring the shuttle's new logo and brand elements was displayed at local bus stops and public spaces.
This informational card was available at shuttle stops, inside the shuttle, and within the Shorebreak Hotel lobby.
Signage featuring five shuttle stops and a GPS tracking site was placed at beach-themed waiting locations. 
Branding, poster, informational card, and signage was presented to and utilized by Visit Huntington Beach while freelancing
The shuttle wrap is so far conceptual
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