OCTA Measure M

The Orange County Transportation Authority needed an Annual Report that would encourage user exploration of Measure M’s major accomplishments. A page featuring a fold-out mechanism that uncovered factoids was designed for display on OCTA’s website. The concept was fully mobile and included simple animated details. An accompanying print ad and poster were also created. The design was centered around the theme “Look at What a Half Cent Buys,” which was supplied by the client.

A fully responsive annual report was created for display on the OCTA website. Pull-down tabs activate 4 sets of animated factoids reflecting the Measure's key accomplishments.
A poster advertisement was also created with the same factoids to be digested in one read. It was featured in public locations readers would be waiting such as bus stops or line to the DMV.
A print advertisement based on the web layout was created for display in the OC Register.
Concept was presented to the client while working at We the Creative
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